Ariane McMahn

Current Role: Board Member

Board Member since: 2018

RS Angel: Keilly

About Ariane: Busy mom to Keilly, Keegan and Avery, Ariane has been actively involved in bringing awareness to Rett syndrome since her daughter Keilly was diagnosed in October of 2002. She continues to work tirelessly in fundraising efforts to support research toward treatments and potential cure for Rett syndrome. Ariane has been a family support representative for since 2004 helping to provide support to families of children with Rett syndrome in the CT, RI and MA areas. Ariane and her husband Christian helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Rett syndrome research through the Food and Wine Festival events which ran from 2000-2011. With the help of her other two children, Keegan and Avery McMahan, they together raised over $150,000 for Rett syndrome research by hosting a Lemonade STAND for Rett in the years including 2008-2016. Ariane eagerly joined Rett Syndrome Angels in the hopes of continuing to help provide support and resources to families in the New England area who also struggle everyday with Rett syndrome.