Welcome to Rett Syndrome Angels

Rett Syndrome Angels is the new name for Rett Syndrome Association of Massachusetts (RSAM).

Why are we changing?

  • We support more than the great state of Massachusetts but have helped people throughout the New England area.
  • We want our name to be more intuitive. RSAM has a great legacy, but we wanted something that really focused on the children and what they mean to us – as an organization, and more importantly, as parents. They are our hearts, they are our angels.
  • Rett Syndrome Angels is a more recognizable name and can help us build a positive identity in the Rett Syndrome landscape.
  • It is more marketable. The bottom line is, fundraising is a core function of our group – and having a brand that is relatable will help us generate more money for research and family support.

The great news is that we are still “technically” Rett Syndrome Association of Massachusetts or RSAM (whichever you prefer), but now we have a cool new brand to rally around and it may help us raise enough awareness and money to find a cure.