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Your donation serves as a beacon of hope, driving vital research toward finding a cure for Rett Syndrome while also extending a hand of support to the brave families navigating this journey. With your contribution, we can help work to support accelerating scientific breakthroughs, developing targeted therapies, and providing much-needed resources to those affected. By contributing today, you not only help pave the path towards a cure but also stand beside these families, showing them they’re not alone in this fight. Join us in making a lasting impact and fostering a brighter future for everyone touched by Rett Syndrome.

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Each donation you make plays a pivotal role in advancing research and driving us closer to discovering a cure for Rett Syndrome.

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Help drive Rett Syndrome Awareness


Let’s celebrate the remarkable strength and unique spirit of children with Rett Syndrome on this special day dedicated to honoring their resilience and bringing joy to their journeys.

Your Journey is Our Journey

Blue Sky Day

Saturday, October 14th, 2023

TIME: 11:00 am

WHERE: Harvard Medical School in the Boston Children’s Hospital Area
followed by lunch provided by Rett Syndrome Angels at the Life Science Building across the street

Blue Sky Day is a special day to honor our Rett Angels during a moving outdoor program at the staircase of the Harvard Medical School Library. It is a day to get together with families, Rett researchers, members of the Boston Children’s Hospital Rett Program and our Acadia sponsors.

The event celebrates family, fun, and friendship. There will be clowns and other surprises! Come to Boston for our thirteenth Blue Sky Day!

Let your local and social media know about Blue Sky Day and Purple Sky Night

2023/10/14 11:18:25

Purple Sky Night

Tuesday, October 17th, 2023

Courtesy of Mass Department of Transportation (MassDOT) four bridges in Massachusetts
will be lit in purple to recognize Rett Syndrome Awareness Month.

These four bridges will glow in purple from sunset to sunrise:
Zakim (Boston), Longfellow (Boston), Fore River (Quincy/Weymouth) and Burns (Worcester).

Let your local and social media know about Blue Sky Day and Purple Sky Night

2023/10/17 11:18:25

What In the World Is Blue Sky Day?

The Origins and Symbolism

In 2010 Blue Sky Girls events began as the brainchild of Dr. Sasha Djukic, Director of the Rett Syndrome Center at Montefiore Medical Center in New York. Through her efforts, groups of families gathered in locations around the world on the same Saturday in October to honor and celebrate their children who faced the challenges of Rett Syndrome. Worldwide, the children ascended staircases with whatever aid they required as a symbol of moving onward and upward no matter how difficult. 

The Event’s Evolution within RS Angels

Over the years, fewer organizations participated in the Blue Sky Day event, but Rett Syndrome Angels have continued the tradition and personalized it in our very own way. Our event was renamed Blue Sky Day to recognize the fact that boys were now being diagnosed with Rett. Blue Sky Day is Rett Syndrome Angels very special day to bring families together in honor of our children and to raise awareness in the community during Rett Syndrome Awareness Month. In recent years Purple Sky Night in Boston has added to the excitement of the day and has generated increased Rett awareness.

During Covid, we celebrated Blue Sky Day with a virtual “World Wide Rett Celebration” in 2020, and last year we combined our Annual Picnic with Blue Sky Day. This year we are back to more normal times, and we can once again enjoy our more traditional Blue Sky Day event. We hope to have a large and enthusiastic group of families gather at Harvard Medical School (near Boston Children’s Hospital) for a short outdoor program where our children are the stars of the day, and then we will enjoy lunch together at the Life Sciences Building across the street. We will be joined by staff from the Boston Rett Program, along with Rett researchers and supporters from Acadia Pharmaceuticals. Special thanks go to Dr. Michela Fagiolini, who has played a major role in organizing Blue Sky Day each year.  

Here’s Why You Should Join Us

There is always lots of surprises and fun activities for all family members.  This is a great opportunity to connect with other families and supporters. Please plan to join us for this very special day.  Blue Skies would be great, but we will carry on (indoors), whatever the weather.