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Rett Syndrome Angels is proud to be an official Partner
of John Hancock in the Marathon Non-Profit Program.


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Featured Bio

Rachel Chase

2023 Boston Marathoner

$10,000 GOAL



Featured Bio

Tenley Fitzgerald

2023 Boston Marathoner

$10,000 GOAL



Featured Bio

Andrew Killinger

2023 Boston Marathoner

$10,000 GOAL



Featured Bio

Nicole Wynters

2023 Boston Marathoner

$10,000 GOAL



Featured Bio

Maurice Lowman

2023 Boston Marathoner

$10,000 GOAL


Welcome to the home of Team Rett!

What is Rett Syndrome?

Rett Syndrome is a unique developmental disorder caused by mutations on the X chromosome on a gene called MECP2, which occurs in about one in 10,000 children. It is even rarer in boys. The course of Rett syndrome, including the age of onset and severity, varies from child to child. As the syndrome progresses, most children lose purposeful use of their hands and the ability to speak. Other symptoms may include loss of motor skills, the onset of breathing and cardiac irregularities, seizures, digestive problems, scoliosis, and tremors.

Team Rett Race Overview:

We have two types of runners: In-Person (5 bibs) and BAA Qualified Runners

  • Entry Fee is $375
  • Runners are reimbursed by RS Angels when fundraising goal is reached
  • Invitational Only – limited to 30,000 participants
  • BAA Qualified Runner
  • Fund Raising Minimums: $10,000 In-Person, and $750 BAA Qualified Runner

All runners receive:

  1. Reimbursement up to $375.00 – if goal is met
  2. Boston Marathon Official Unicorn Medal
  3. Swag
  4. Rett Syndrome Community Connection
  5. Adoring Angels Support

ADDED BONUS for ALL Team Rett runners: Complimentary Coaching by seasoned runner and Ultra Marathoner, Lori Mitchener.

Her coaching program includes:

  • Assessment (determining runner’s experience, level, and personal goal)
  • A full-on training plan (for every week until the race)
  • Weekly check-ins

If you’re looking for our Team Rett application form (for all runners), please click here.

See for more 127th Boston Marathon race information.

Contact Laura Tempesta with questions.

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