Team Rett: Maurice Lowman

Team Rett Runner Profile: Maurice Lowman

What inspired Maurice to run?

This is my 3rd year with Team Rett and this year’s Boston will be my 36th full marathon!

You can find me passing out high fives and positivity throughout the local running and fitness community here in the northeast, where I started running half and full marathons back in 2014, and have now added ultra-distances as well! I’ve run outside every single day since 1/1/2016, and keeping my 6 + year outdoor run streak intact plays a big role in my sobriety and allows me to be vocal and hype everyone up!  I am continuing to grow in my role as a charity runner for Team Rett and being able to use my passion for running to raise funds and awareness for such an awesome cause.  It is truly a blessing.  Special thanks to Kia of Attleboro for your generous support.

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