Team Rett: Tenley Fitzgerald

Team Rett Runner Profile:Tenley Fitzgerald

What inspired Tenley to run?

I am a wife, mom, and the VP of Marketing at Yes! Apples. I love to read, cook and bake (read: eat), garden/plant, and traverse our fantastic world. I have run 14 marathons and have always dreamt of running Boston. It is one of the six Abbott World Major Marathons (New York, Chicago, Boston, London, Berlin, and Toyko), and Boston will be number 5 on my list (the last one will be Tokyo). Running all six world majors is one of my biggest, most passionate life goals/dreams, and crossing the finish line in Boston will be an absolute tear-inducing, hand-raising, body-shaking thrill. 

I am thrilled to be running Boston on behalf and in support of Team Rett. Our niece, Clare, was diagnosed with Rett two years ago. While the initial diagnosis was gutting, our family was also relieved to have answers to Clare’s challenges, the support of Rett research and clinical teams, and the love and encouragement of the Rett community. Pairing efforts to raise money for Clare and her community with the opportunity to run a world-class race is a win-win, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. 

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