Irene Gladstone

Current Role: Secretary

Member since: 1991

RS Angel: Erika

Profession: Preschool Teacher

About Irene: Irene lives in Needham with her husband Gary. They have two adult children, Andrew and Erika. In 1989 Irene joined the organization that was then named the Rett Syndrome Education Center. She quickly felt “at home” when she met the other families. From that time on, Irene has been active in RSAM, hoping that just as her family found support when they so needed it, Rett Syndrome Angels can make the Rett journey less lonely and a bit easier for others. Irene has served as RSAM’s secretary continuously since 1991 and for several years also served as vice-president. She has been a member of various committees including chairperson of the Blue Sky Day Committee for most of its ten years. During the early years of the Boston Children’s Hospital Rett Program, she was chairperson of the program’s Parent Advisory Group. Professionally, Irene enjoyed thirty-five years interacting with young children as a preschool teacher.

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