Kathy Schoener

Current Role: Treasurer

Member since: 2000

RS Angel: Kelly

Profession: Initially holding a career in the computer engineering field, Kathy took time off to raise her family and now enjoys her role as a library assistant for her town.

About Kathy: Proud mom of three children – Benjamin, Kelly, and Christopher. Kathy began attending RSAM meetings when her daughter Kelly was initially diagnosed in 1996. Back then there was limited information on Rett and she found the support and encouragement of other parents invaluable. When the treasurer position opened up in 2002 she made the decision to get more involved and hasn’t looked back. She has managed the finances of the organization for the past two decades, along with serving on various committees over the years. She knows that this Rett journey can be extremely challenging at times and hopes that she can continue to provide assistance and hope to other families along the way. Kathy and her husband Tony live in Southborough. They have been actively involved in the science of Rett syndrome for the past 15 years, helping to fund research worldwide towards treatments and ultimately a cure for RS.