A nod to our Angels

Kindness spreads with brewing beer from two local breweries. Co-founder Christian McMahan is no stranger to our Rett community, he and his family are always ones to jump in and volunteer for Rett syndrome over many many years. Ever since Keilly was little (20+ years today) and diagnosed with Rett syndrome they haven’t stopped. They do it with pure love while spreading kindness and giving hope. Thank you! We are truly honored to be a part of the circle of friends and family.

Christian with his business partner Tom Oliveri at Double Down, brewmaster Brian Wells has partnered with Harpoon Brewery! A creation of a tasty sour IPA with a name that is a nod to Rett Syndrome Angels will start production next month. Pretty Angels IPA will have raspberry and passionfruit to give its sour taste, we can’t wait to enjoy some! We hope you will join us soon too as we work on a get-together in late October at Double Down in Worcester, MA!

Keep an eye out for an invitation from RS Angels to join us and have a cold one!

Here is the link to read more from the Worcester Magazine