Guardianship Tips and Process

A Parent’s Journey:  Helpful Tips for Completing Guardianship For Your Disabled Child In Massachusetts

By Linda McInnis

February 2020

 As a parent of a disabled child turning 18, I navigated the world of guardianship and survived.  While our journey took some unexpected turns, we are pleased with the outcome.  Overall the process took about 4 months from start to finish.  Since my situation was fairly straight-forward– nobody was going to contest my child’s guardianship– we decided to do most of the work ourselves.

With most things you do once and probably never again, I looked online to find out what to expect.  Most of the information I found was technical or written by lawyers.  I learned that there are many nuances.  At that time I decided to share what I had wished we knew before starting, summarized in this article.  I hope by sharing my story this information will help you navigate your journey, or help to interview an attorney about your own circumstances.

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