Operation Secret Valentine is Back!!!

It’s that time of year again to give and get some thoughtful valentine’s day cards! This popular event is loved by everyone. This year more than ever our angels need some extra love and their spirits need to be lifted. The older gals and guys due to the crisis of staff shortage and demands in our day programs are often seeking some social interactions, friendships and what a simple and nice way to give that to them by making or sending cards.

Secret Buddies (card makers) are required to send 2-5 cards. Once our angels sign up we will send you their addresses. by Jan. 25th. If, you are interested in being a secret valentine’s buddy sign up today and start creating or buying some cards right away no need to wait for your match!


deadline Jan 25, 2023

Secret Valentines (Angels in New England only) our buddies are on their way in creating and making cards just for you. Sign up by January 24th to get your cards in time for Valentines from new friends. Open to any age, these valentines are only for those living in the New England states.


deadline Jan 24, 2023