October is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

October is R ett S yndrome A wareness M onth and boy do we have plans. 

Our Quaranteam has been hard at work and we are honored and thrilled to roll out ALL FOUR events for Rett Awareness Month.  This pandemic isn’t stopping RSAM from making Rett History!   We need families from around the world to help make our October 24th virtual World Family Celebration come to life. 

For the past nine years our Blue Sky Day program honored children and adults living with Rett syndrome.  The highlight of the program was the participation of each individual with Rett syndrome ascending the steps on the Quad of Harvard Medical School.  Some of our children walked with assistance and some were carried.  Each precious child was cheered on and celebrated.  Going up the steps is symbolic of moving forward and upward towards blue, sunny skies in spite of the difficulties faced by each child and family due to Rett syndrome.

This year our program will be held virtually.  On Saturday, October 24, we will gather in our own homes in front of our own electronic devices, but once again we will come together as a community to honor and to celebrate our very special children. Joining in our virtual observance this year will be families from around the world who are also facing the challenges of Rett syndrome.  This is sure to make the day even more special.

The virtual festivities will include videos, submitted by you, showcasing your “Amazing Rett Child.”

Please submit videos and or photos of your child so we can continue the tradition of honoring each child in a very personal way.  We want to showcase each child and highlight their strengths and what makes them each an “Amazing Child.”  Perhaps send a video/pictures of your child using a communication device or swimming or enjoying a favorite treat.  The possibilities are endless.

*Your video/picture submission should be less than one minute long. We are hoping for lots of videos, so keep it brief!

*Please make this a “silent movie.”  Do not include sound.  You can narrate during the presentation at our virtual event!

*Please submit to rettsyndromemassachusetts@gmail.com 

 *Deadline for submissions is September 30th, 2020  

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