Team Rett: William Vital

Team Rett Runner Profile: William Vital

How William joined Team Rett

I am running in honor of Kelly Schoener who has Rett Syndrome.

What inspired William to run?

My wife has been Kelly’s PCA for over 10 years. Kelly is a smart and loving young woman. She enjoys spending time with her family and caregivers. Kelly inspires those around her to enjoy the little things in life, like listening to a great song, reading a good book, or enjoying nature. A smile or a loving comment from Kelly on her eye gaze speech device can melt anyone’s heart. I hope to teach my own young daughter that even when someone may not be able to use their voice in the same way as we do, they can still communicate in a different way and love just the same.

What is William’s goal?

I hope to raise money for Rett Syndrome Research so ALL Rett families can receive the support they need.

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